Jupiter Studios in Alliance, OH

Event is from 11:00am-7:00pm

Have a valid form of ID to check with the entry list.

Being a small venue; we are limited with how much we can do- however- there will be a couple of vendors and a few small mini-games to play! Of course meeting the coolest author ever too, but who would want to do that? 

You can gift the ticket to someone. Email us your name and/or order number and who the ticket is going to instead. Keep in mind, this removes your name from the list

Tattoos will be $50 CASH. This does not include tip!! Please tip your artist!

You do not have to, they are optional, and we can only do about 100-120 tattoos a day anyway.
There will be about 10 options to choose from. Each option is book themed. ( ie: 2DIH/3HA/2SA/1WM/1SR/1HD)

If the artists allow the distribution of the flash sheet, you can get a tattoo whenever with the sheet whenever!

The event is "COME AND GO". You will be stamped to enter the event, and can enter throughout the whole day after. Please do not stay the whole time, as it will crowd the building.

I asked myself that my whole life. There are some restaurants, a couple museums, a castle to tour, and some parks! Other than that, any real entertainment would be in Canton, Akron, or Cleveland.