Tattoo Meet + Greet Event Ticket

When: July 5, 6, and 7th 8HRs each day (Times posted later)
Where: Alliance, OH
Activities: Tattoos, 1-2 vendors (New Craft merch not seen on the site yet and more), Meet and Greet with H.D. Carlton + Victor
Food: Hors d’oeuvres catered by Bistro of Oakwood, and other treats + goodies catered by X
Amount of people: ~200 people per day
Price for ticket: Free
Tattoo price: $50 NOT INCLUDING TIP
Some side information:
  • We would like to see as many people as possible, so our plan is to have a different set of 200 people each day of the event.
  • The event is free to enter and see us, but getting a tattoo will be at your own expense. (These will be FLASH tattoos only, designed by H.D, myself, and the tattoo artists)
  • Hails will not be signing books, so please do not bring them, this is only to meet everyone and have a nice time together
  • Come + Go as you please to this event, please do not stay the 8hrs, I promise it will be very boring.
  • The 200 tickets will go on the website for those interested, and will be separate for each date, so please check the date before getting a ticket
  • We will sign exclusive limited run merch from our store if anyone has bought any of that, as promised
  • We are flying out specifically for this event and paying for everything out of our own pockets, so please be courteous and kind. We do not want to hear that its too small of a venue, or not enough to do, we can only do so much. (I have spent months trying to find places large enough that are also okay with tattoo booths, etc.)
  • About 100-120 people can get a flash tattoo a day. It will be first come first serve, and will be numbered at entrance. You will get a number and will be called/texted when your turn is coming up (That way you can explore the town or go get dinner, etc.)
  • Tickets will go “on sale” (still free) on June 1 so people have time to plan if they get one.
  • Any RESALE of tickets will give you an immediate ban and you will be put on all my lists.
  • Please get the ticket on the date you can make it. We will have someone at the entrance to check tickets/list
  • 1 ticket per person, so please pick your day accordingly.
  • 1 ticket = 1 person. I know a lot of people want +1s, etc. But we cannot host that many people, especially when the other half probably doesn’t even want to be there. Keep in mind this is a COME + GO as you please place, so you are NOT trapped or obligated to stay 8 hours in this event without your partner.


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